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PROJECT X - Our new Project X involves a torrid 30 year love affair with a certain 60's Hot Rod. It has belonged to Jim Suokko of Ashby Car Care for over 25 years and every so often comes out of moth balls to the delight of those of yester-year. This car has survived all manner of wrath, from the crusher to ,yes,. even divorce, always emerging as the champion it is. Once again, the call of the wild has summons Ashby Car Care to bring the beast out again. This project has been in the makings for 25 years and has now finally hit the world wide web.

Project X is a 1934 Plymouth Coupe. In the truest Hot Rod tradition, it is chopped, channeled at one time, rumble seat, suicide doors, powered by 72 Chevelle 350, Muncie 4 speed, with posi rear end. This is a diamond in the rough. Only people with vision appreciate the potential of this car.

When I first bought this car some 30 plus years ago for $800, it was a dragging machine. The frame had been cut and a Corvair front end installed. It had a 33 Willy's fiberglass nose and was completely channeled around the frame. There was no drive train and the body was very rough looking. "Love at first sight!" My intention was to unchannel the car, replace the frame, install a drive train and build an everyday driver, full fendered coupe.

Over the years, a parts car '34 Plymouth was bought for $300 for the frame. The body was cut off the original frame and installed on the second frame. A stolen '72 Chevelle with a 350 4 speed was bought from the Ashby Police Department for $200 for the drive train. The Chevelle had been abandoned at Allen Field after a rock concert on Mount Watatic. Work has been done on the car on and off for 30 years and now is ready for serious action. Let's hope this series does not last another 30 years, however the object here is to have fun and express the creative nature of its owners. Follow along in this series and enjoy the passion of Hot Rodding in the 60's.

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We hope you enjoy this series. We hope you will consider Ashby Car Care for all of your automotive needs, auto body, repair and sales.

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